Embraer invests in XMobots to develop mobile robotics, drones

Embrace has an investment agreement to acquire a minority stake in XMobots, the largest drone company in Latin America with operations in São Carlos, rural São Paulo, Brazil. The transaction will be carried out through an investment fund of which Embraer is the sole partner, with an option for additional investment in the future, subject to approval.

The agreement aims to accelerate the future of the medium and large autonomous drone market and jointly explore new market niches. It also aims to expand the network of collaboration in the search for new technologies with synergies in the areas of technological development, Embraer activities and innovation, as well as Embraer-X.

“Our investment strategy and our venture capital operations place a strong emphasis on innovation and partnerships, which are the pillars of our growth plan for the years to come,” said Daniel Moczydlower, head of innovation at Embraer and Chief Executive Officer of Embraer-X. “Initiatives like this are fundamental to leveraging ecosystems, expanding knowledge and recognizing entrepreneurs who generate businesses with exponential growth potential and creation of great value for society.”

With a committed and creative team, XMobots was born with the mission of developing the mobile robot market and has contributed to making drones a daily reality for the precision agriculture and geotechnology markets in Brazil and Latin America.

“This commitment translates into innovations such as service provider platforms with drones, hybrid propulsion and power technologies, artificial intelligence of image analysis, and especially in aeronautical certifications”, said said Giovani Amianti, founder and CEO of XMobots. “With this investment, we will be able to walk together in the development of technologies that will consolidate autonomous aerial robots and accelerate solutions for the markets of geotechnology, agro, environment, inspection, defense and public safety, logistics and urban mobility which are points of convergence. convergence between XMobots and Embraer.

Once the transaction is finalized, the companies aim to work together to create memorandums of understanding related to operations in the civil, defense and security markets.

The partnership builds on more than 50 years of Embraer history and experience in developing, certifying, manufacturing, marketing aircraft and providing aftermarket services.

Present in the market since 2007, XMobots is a leading drone company in Latin America, ranked the 14th largest civilian drone company in the world by Drone Industry Insights, a global consultancy that is a benchmark in drone market research. XMobots specializes in developing and manufacturing high-performance VTOL drones and related technologies, such as multispectral sensors, gyrostabilized optronic sensors, artificial intelligence-based data analysis software, service provider platform drones, among others.

With approximately 200 employees, including more than 60 research and development engineers, the company has a consolidated presence in the sale of drones and services across and countries in Latin America and Africa.

Embraer-X is an incubator and Embraer’s innovation agent that transforms ideas into innovative companies. Based in Melbourne, Florida, with offices in Brazil and the Netherlands, it aims to structure new high-return businesses to expand Embraer’s global market and avoid disruption, combining agility and adaptability with expertise in complex solutions to take advantage of the multimodal and integrated mobility ecosystem. .

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