David Koonar explains the importance of traditional photographic film


David Koonar explains why traditional photographic film is still worth it

WINDSOR, OTTAWA, CANADA, September 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Are you interested in photography and wondering if traditional film is worth it? David Koonar digs.

When was the last time you used traditional film? Unless you’re a professional photographer or a serious hobbyist, you probably haven’t used traditional film very often in the past few years. These days, just about everyone has a digital camera. Still, professional photographer David Koonar believes traditional film is worth using in many circumstances.

“First of all, I think we need to move beyond the ‘which is better’ debate,” suggests David Koonar, “digital and traditional cameras are great and great in different circumstances. It is not a question of one or the other but rather of finding the best solution for a given situation.

If you plan to take hundreds of photos for a large event, digital cameras will often be the best choice just because they are easier to use. While traditional film offers some aesthetic advantages, digital film is much easier to use when a large number of shots are required.

For more intimate events and circumstances, however, mainstream film can really shine. While a lot of filters and software try to mimic traditional movies, it’s hard to beat the original.

“Traditional cinema is great when you work with natural light,” says David Koonar. “On the one hand, the traditional film is often more forgiving. In addition, it is difficult to reproduce the authenticity of natural light on traditional film.

Traditional film also excels in mixing light and color. With a digital camera sensor, each photo can be broken down into small squares. These squares will usually be one color or another. Although you can combine millions of these squares to create an image, at the basic level there is still a difficult separation.

Traditional films mix more easily than digital cameras. This allows light and color to be better mixed in a way that is almost impossible with digital cameras.

“If I go into a photo shoot where color is particularly important, the natural film is very tempting,” says David Koonar. “I can use both digital film and traditional film for a given shoot, but often the best shots come with traditional film. “

Traditional film also has a very nice grain, which gives texture and color to photos. Many digital filters and software attempt to reproduce this graininess, but so far none have matched traditional films.

“You know traditional cinema when you see it,” says David Koonar. “It is practically impossible to reproduce this natural grain. “

David Koonar explains why digital film is a great place to start

You now know that it is difficult to match the aesthetics of traditional cinema. So, does this mean you should ditch digital cameras? Absolutely not! Digital cameras are great in many situations and are especially useful for beginners.

“With digital cameras, you can take thousands of shots without having to worry about film costs,” says David Koonar. “You can experiment and learn from your mistakes. I recommend all budding photographers to try out traditional film, but you should always start with digital to practice.

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