College football world reacts to Mike Leach’s comments

Leach did not say if he was referring specifically to Bulldogs players, but offensive tackle Charles Cross, a first-round draft in the upcoming NFL Draft, missed practice on Saturday. Cornerback Martin Emerson also announced his intention to turn pro last week, although it is not clear whether he decided to bowling at MSU or not.

While Leach’s position can be argued in a vacuum, a player’s decision is not much different from that of a coach leaving his program at the end of a regular season before the bowl game. a team, something we’ve seen a lot of coaches doing in recent weeks. College football is a business and coaches have treated it for a long time. Now that players are treating it like a business, it’s rubbing control freaks like Leach the wrong way, so naturally they’re going to push the idea off.

It’s also worth noting that Leach already negotiated to become Tennessee’s head coach in November 2017. While that didn’t happen, it would have meant Leach would have left before the Washington state bowl game. . I’m just saying.

Other people on social media also had something to say in reaction to Leach’s comments.

Leach hasn’t gained a lot of fans with his comments here, but then again, he probably doesn’t care. Mike Leach goes Mike Leach.

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