Coding Company CEO Creates Pro In Less Than Two Months Learn To Code In Less Than 2 Months


Youtube star and Freemote founder Aaron Jack creates a seven-week coding boot camp that gives developers a work experience that builds their portfolios in real time.

FLORIDA – Dec. 27 2021 – Working to simplify a skill typically reserved for software developer and technologically advanced entrepreneur Aaron Jack created Freemote. Knowing that enrolling in programs at a college can be expensive and that the self-taught approach may leave you with more questions than answers on how to become a skilled developer, Jack takes the formal coding education and applies it to real world experiences in order to optimize the learning curve and the ability to become a freelance developer.

Food for thought when it comes to coding, why pay thousands of dollars to build a portfolio based on fake projects and not real work experience? “What I realized was that even as a seasoned software developer, most of my nicest, highest paying jobs were an easier type of development,” says Jack. When roaming the Freemote website, it’s obvious that Freemote thinks ecommerce is the bread and butter of freelance work for a developer. With this mindset at the forefront, Freemote took the wheel of coder training early on and worked with students on real e-commerce projects.

One of the biggest perks that Freemote offers, based on its positive reviews, would be the one-on-one mentoring. “It’s almost surprising how much instructors can guess at what will be perceived as a challenge for inexperienced programmers,” as one of the many student reviews on Course Report put it. Many times the coding is attempted by many who are usually frustrated with the level of difficulty so they give up before they have even started. Jack understood this frustration and put developer success rate at the heart of Freemote’s mission.

Basically, Freemote is a training camp for people. Due to the pandemic, values ​​have been redefined and people have spoken out. They want to work remotely and they want to be paid better. E-commerce is a market filled with growing opportunities for freelancers, and Freemote gives them the tools without wasting time and money.

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