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Another valuable addition to Nemzer’s staff is Katie Ely, who has 15 years of SEC experience and is one of the best goalie coaches Nemzer has encountered.

“What she does with goalkeepers is amazing,” Nemzer said. “Katie and I have the same vision when it comes to the defense winning championships. It starts with our goalkeeper and it starts with our backline. So our visions aligned very quickly. She has a lot of ties in the southern region, the Carolinas, Georgia, which really opens up the whole East Coast for us.”

Additionally, Alex Ng, who had spent the past two seasons at Richmond and is one of college football’s most dynamic young coaches, rounds out Nemzer’s coaching staff.

“I’m thrilled to have him,” Nemzer said. “His expertise is analysis, strength and conditioning and these are elements that I let him appropriate. With cinema, you obviously have to be able to show it and teach it. You can’t have players standing up all the time. the day. And so really allowing him to own that was important to me,” Nemzer said.

Nemzer plans to provide each player in the program with an individual development plan showing their growth as a rookie throughout their senior year. If their goal is to play professionally, they will have easy access to analytical data and what they need to work on to succeed in this field.

Finally, Nemzer is thrilled to have Kenie Wright join their team as their new Director of Player Development.

“Wright and I have known each other the longest on the coaching staff,” Nemzer said. “I coached her when she was 13. We won a national championship together on the youth side and went to two college cups. She’s played professionally for the last three years and has just retired, but what I love her house, and why it was so important to me to bring her in is because everyone in her life said she wasn’t good enough to play at this level or the next level , and she just rolled up her sleeves and kept working hard,”

Wright is a great asset and role model for current Maryland football players. It’s one thing to tell players what they need to do to turn pro, but it’s invaluable to have someone with professional gaming experience show them what needs to be done.

“All of this staff puts the student-athlete first,” Nemzer said. “I know the team sees that, and they appreciate it. So if I’m preaching a family culture for the players, then the staff should be family too.”

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