Biden warns of Russian invasion of Ukraine in days – POLITICO

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday he believed Russia was days away from invading Ukraine.

As he left the White House, Biden told reporters that the threat of invasion was “very high” and that “everything indicates that we have that they are ready to enter Ukraine to attack Ukraine.

Fears of an imminent mass invasion have only grown with bombings in eastern Ukraine which Western authorities say may be an attempt by pro-Russian separatists to establish a pretext to increase the reach of the war.

Biden said that despite Russian claims that some of the more than 100,000 troops he amassed on the border with Ukraine had been withdrawn, “they haven’t moved any of their troops. They’ve moved more troops .

When asked if Russia is going ahead with an invasion, Biden replied, “Yes. My feeling is that it will happen in the next few days.

Biden was also asked if he planned to call the Russian president and he replied, “I’m not calling — I don’t plan to call Putin.”

The US president was speaking as Moscow delivered a long-awaited response to US and NATO proposals on European security.

The Kremlin said in an 11-page letter that the United States had not taken its concerns seriously and that Russia may have to take unspecified “measures of a military-technical nature”.

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