Bargain: The bench doesn’t taint Rattler’s market value | Buffalo sports


Rattler entered the season being billed as a Heisman Trophy favorite and a possible NFL first-round draft pick. It was only part of what made him one of the most famous players in college football.

He had also cultivated huge success on social networks, with 390,000 Instagram followers. Opendorse, a company that provides a host of NIL services to dozens of Division I universities and colleges, estimates the following could net Rattler $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 for an IG promotional position.

Rattler has the same marketing agency that works with Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes who manages his NIL opportunities. A deal with an auto dealership in Norman, Oklahoma, got him two cars.

Darren Heitner, a Florida-based sports and entertainment lawyer, doubts any company that has partnered with Rattler will have any regrets.

“These brands received a very strong ROI just when they entered into these deals,” said Heitner, who consulted on Florida’s NIL Law. “This return probably exceeded all of their expenses around this time. And this is a by-product of the great attention paid to the NIL as a whole, but also to these individuals in particular. And their market value. And their recognizable.

Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence said the company is still collecting data in that first year of NIL to determine the exact correlation between performance and marketability.

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