Atrocious Hotkeys Didn’t Stop CS:GO Pro From Reaching Major Playoffs, Including Reverse Mouse

More CS: GO the pros with standard FPS hotkeys like moving with “WASD” and shooting with “Mouse1”, but Fnatic Rifleman Dion “FASHR” Derksen isn’t your average pro.

The 26-year-old helped Fnatic reach the major playoffs at IEM Rio for the first time since ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018 with some of the most exotic hotkeys in the entire community. He moves forward by clicking “Mouse2”, backwards with “;”, moves right with “.”, and goes left when he presses “.”.

And that’s not all. FASHR jumps with “?” rather than space, crouch with “M”, reload with “K”, and play amazing with the reverse mouse. FASHR said there was no reason for him to use such atrocious hotkeys in CS: GObut the reverse mouse he learned watching his father play Flight simulator when he was a kid, according to an old Endpoint video.

“That guy must be stupid,” FASHR joked about his CS: GO settings are going viral again on the game’s official subreddit. The Dutch rifleman joined ECSTATIC in August 2022 and helped the ‘Black and Orange’ qualify for their first Major since IEM Katowice in 2019.

According to HLTV, FASHR averaged a 0.93 rating at IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage, which isn’t ideal for a non-IGL player, but recovered at the Legends Stage with a rating of 1, 19 on five cards played.

If the common CS: GO the settings don’t do the job for you, you can try playing as FASHR and see if your matchmaking results improve. Its settings can be downloaded here.

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