Arlo Go 2 is the cellular security camera you can stick anywhere!

The Arlo Go 2 is a versatile battery-powered security camera that can be placed anywhere and stream video via cellular or Wi-Fi. Its arrival brings the UK up to speed with the US market, where the camera is already available in LTE form, and adds features like industry standard 1080P with the much rarer cellular connectivity.

Specifically, the Arlo Go 2 offers 1080P, color night vision (via a built-in projector), local storage via microSD, and up to 6 months of battery on a cellular connection (or 12 on wi-fi). Users can remotely trigger a built-in 80db siren to deter potential intruders (or startle wildlife). The camera is also position-aware via GPS, so able to show its location on a map – a feature aimed at businesses with multiple installations but potentially useful for nature lovers (or the forgetful!)

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Arlo tells DCW that the camera is designed to reduce user “pain points”, and because it’s completely wireless and can be installed out of wi-fi range, it can be set up in under five. minutes. It can be close to home, just using the cell phone as a backup, or miles away, protecting another location, like a trailer.

Unlike the previous Arlo Go which was separate, the new Go 2 establishes design continuity with the main line of Arlo cameras, meaning it’s compatible with the company’s accessories — an obvious choice being the solar panel for remote facilities. Black camera housings are also available.

Like other Arlo cameras – Arlo Ultra 2 or Arlo Pro 4 – the camera itself can be removed from the housing, in this case allowing access to the SIM card, MicroSD card slot (accepting cards up to to 256 GB) and the 3660 mAh rechargeable battery. replaced. The battery can also be charged using the included charging cable which is magnetically attached to the bottom of the camera.

(Image credit: Arlo)

Arlo supports the camera through free apps for iOS, Android, FireOS, and web browsers – secured using 2-step authentication and 256-bit AES encryption. These let you stream live video and trigger actions, like the siren or spotlight. The Arlo Go 2 also has Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT integrations but does not connect to the Arlo Hub.

Arlo also offers Arlo Secure, a monthly subscription cloud-based service that allows you to review event video for 30 or 60 days without visiting the camera, depending on your plan choice. Only with the cloud service enabled is smart detection enabled; i.e. the ability to distinguish between people, animals and vehicles before alerting you via your phone or email (which of course prevents false alarms).

Arlo Secure subscription plans are priced at $2.99 ​​/ £2.79 (one device) / $9.99 / £8.99 (unlimited devices) with 30 days of storage. There’s a $14.99/£12.99 top tier with 60-day video storage and an extended warranty that includes replacement if stolen.

For the UK launch on June 1, Arlo is offering a deal that includes 24 months of coverage with the EE or BT provider (and 3 months of Arlo Secure Subscription) for £309.99. The camera will also be sold separately for £259.99 (the same price as the Arlo Go it replaces).

In the United States, the Arlo Go 2 LTE is available for $249.99 for use on Verizon or US Cellular phone networks.

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