Arch Manning’s Null Worth Is Estimated Between $3-5 Million, But Experts Believe He’s Worth Much More

It should come as a shock to exactly zero football fans that Arch Manning is making waves in the world of college football before he even graduates from high school. He comes from soccer royalty as the nephew of Eli and Peyton Manning.

But as these brothers excelled on football’s biggest stage, winning college football games and multiple Super Bowls, Arch could top them in a new and exciting way: money earned during his college football career. In fact, it is guaranteed to surpass them.

With new NCAA rules regarding players’ ability to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL), Arch is poised to score big. Let’s take a closer look at the NIL goldmine the young quarterback is sure to uncover and how much he could be worth.

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The Texas Longhorns may have a great history of college football glory, but they’ve struggled in recent years. Ever since Vince Young led them to a national title, they haven’t been able to claim the top spot in college football. Arch Manning is the best prospect they’ve added in years.

Because of this – Arch’s name and talent mixed with the Texas brand – many people see the young athlete as someone who will earn big ZERO dollars.

The NIL revolution has already rocked the world of college football and not in a bad way. Players can finally make money with a system that has made them big money for years. To get an idea of ​​how much an average player earns, look at a school as a sample size.

According to Business Insider, student-athletes at the University of Arkansas earn on average just over $4,000. Needless to say, Arch will close a much bigger deal. How much, exactly? The experts tried to guess.

How Much Arch Manning’s NIL Deal Could Be Worth

Quarterback Arch Manning during his 2021 Clemson University recruiting visit | Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Recruitment and NIL website On3 has estimated what Arch could earn with an NIL deal – and it’s a hefty sum. Their assessment helped Arch raise $3.4 million. This estimate has increased in recent months. In April 2022, they had it at $1.6 million. On3’s calculation is based on social media followers, projected sports performance, and projected endorsements.

As generous as that number is, he can short Arch. Consider that he only recently started his social media accounts and has yet to play college football. When he plays, he can be worth between 5 and 10 million dollars. But what made Arch choose Texas? Did he think his NIL contract would be even bigger there?

Why Arch Manning Chose Texas

The truth is that while Arch Manning will undoubtedly earn a decent amount with NIL, it probably wasn’t the deciding factor in his decision to pick Texas. With several former NFL quarterbacks in the family, he hardly needs the money.

According to ESPN, Arch has also visited many other schools with huge NIL advantages such as Alabama and Georgia. His name and talent would likely make him a fortune no matter where he played. Texas may be unlucky, but it’s still a top school. This will allow him to play on a big stage in a major college football town, with Texas set to join the SEC in a few years.

Although there is intense pressure to win at any SEC school, if Arch can overturn this historic program, he will be seen as a savior. And he will always have the opportunity to develop and turn professional under the watchful eye (and brilliant attacking mind) of Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian.

Nevertheless, even though his NIL contract was not the main reason he went to the Longhorns, there is no doubt that Arch will take advantage of NIL opportunities while playing there.

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