Apple M2 chip to 2022 MacBook Air: What to expect and when to expect it

When Apple announced plans to ditch Intel in favor of in-house chips, like the new M1 two years ago, it was seen as a big step forward. The MacBook M1 M1 was a huge hit, as was the 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro/M1 Max. But Apple has even bigger plans for the Mac lineup in 2022. If we follow the rumor, Apple could introduce an update to the M1 processor alongside updates to the iconic MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro in the coming months. coming months.

Here’s what you can expect from Apple’s first-half Mac lineup.

Will Apple hold an event in March?

Apple may hold its spring event in March. A recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts that Apple’s spring event will take place on March 8, when the company will launch the new iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, new processors and Mac computers. If not in March, we could see the launch of the new Mac lineup at WWDC, which usually happens in June.

Apple M2 processor

The successor to the M1 processor is expected to arrive in 2022. The M2 chip, likely to be the successor to the M1 processor, has reportedly been in production for months. According to reports, the M2 processor will feature eight cores (four performance and four efficiency), similar RAM support (8GB or 16GB) and a slight increase in performance. The first processor to use Apple’s own chip design, the M1 was introduced in 2020, followed by the M1 Pro and M1 Max last year. The last two ARM chips have additional cores and more power than the M1 chip.

The new MacBook Air is one of the most anticipated Apple products of the year. (Image credit: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech)

macbook air 2022

Perhaps the most anticipated Apple product of this year is the new MacBook Air. The 2020 model, the first Mac to ship with the M1 processor, came with excellent processing capabilities and insane battery life. However, Apple did not introduce the design changes expected from the MacBook Air. But that has hopefully changed with the upcoming MBA. In fact, the new MacBook Air would see a massive redesign for the first time in years. YouTuber Jon Prosser claims the MacBook Air will have iMac-like colors, white bezels, a new square design, multiple USB ports, a MagSafe charger, as well as a notched display. It is also said that the revamped MacBook Air might not even be called the Air in the future.

13-inch MacBook Pro

The 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 only debuted in 2020, but it already looks underpowered when you compare it to the 14-inch MacBook Pro that comes with the M1 Pro processor. Reports suggest the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be announced sooner than expected, featuring the M2 processor. It’s said to ditch the TouchBar and include a healthy selection of ports like the new MacBook Pros.

Apple, MacBook Air 2022, Apple MacBook Air, Apple M2 processor, Apple iMac 2022, MacBook Pro 13 inch A render of the rumored 2022 Mac mini. (Image credit: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech)

high-end mac mini

The next Mac mini, wherever Apple makes it official, will be a different beast. Not only will it feature the M2 processor, but it will also get a major overhaul. Speculation is rife that the new Mac mini will have a smaller chassis, slimmer overall profile, plexiglass top panel. Like the iMac M1, the next Mac mini may even come in multiple color options. Reports indicate that the revamped design could also feature four Thunderbolt connections, two USB ports, wired Ethernet and HDMI output, and a new magnetic power connector. The new Mac mini will not replace the M1 Mac mini which continues to be Apple’s most affordable Mac.

27 inch iMac

The 27-inch iMac has also been rumored for some time and is expected to feature the M1 Pro/M1 Max processors. Different theories circulate around the 27-inch iMac. Some believe the powerful new iMac will mimic the design language of the 24-inch iMac M1, others say a 30-inch screen size that resembles the iPad Pro. Reports suggest the upcoming iMac Pro and 27-inch iMac are one device. Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, said the high-end all-in-one desktop (it’s the new iMac Pro) could feature mini-LED backlight technology for its display. Whatever the device, it will be aimed at professional users and creative people.

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