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The digital camera revolution swept the world in the early 2000s, and aside from a few unique situations and a handful of artists still using film, almost everyone has gone digital since then. Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot of high quality film cameras around the world that collect dust, but with a few pieces of gear. it is possible to convert them to digital and get more out of them.

[befinitiv]The latest project handles this conversion by swapping out a Raspberry Pi Zero where the film cartridge would otherwise be inserted into the camera. The Pi is attached to a 3D printed case that mimics the shape of the film, and also houses a Pi camera right in front of where the film would be on display. By removing the lens from the Pi camera, this new setup is able to take advantage of the analog camera optics instead and is able to capture relatively decent quality images.

There are some advantages to using this setup as well, which is that video can be streamed to this phone wirelessly to a computer through the Raspberry Pi. It’s a pretty cool build with great results for a price. remarkably low, and it would be fairly straightforward to interface the camera’s shutter and other control dials in the Raspberry Pi to further mimic the action of an old film camera. And if you like [befinitiv]plans to bring old tech into the modern world, be sure to take a look at its 80s DOS laptop that is capable of running a modern Linux installation.

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