5 exciting phones to watch this year: iPhone 13, Galaxy S22, Pixel 6 and more



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Phone fans, start your engines. We anticipate exciting new disclosures this fall from Apple, Samsung, Google and more. Are we pumped for the iPhone 13? You bet. The Pixel 6the new design and the Tensor chip? Absoutely. And Samsung may have recently Unpacked its new foldable phones (the Galaxy z flip 3 and Z-fold 3), but there may be a few other devices waiting behind the scenes to watch out for as well, like the rumored galaxy s22 and Galaxy S21 FE.

Let’s take a moment to put together some of the devices we particularly monitor, including those with rumored camera upgrades, improvements on previous devices, and possible new ideas that could improve the way we use our phones. in the future.

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The next phones we’re most excited for


Apple iphone 13

Starting with Apple, we expect the iPhone 13 to make its big reveal in September, as it has been the traditional reveal month for the flagship lineup. As the iPhone 12 series, we’re expecting several models in the lineup, including a Standard and Pro version, and hopefully a more affordable iPhone 13 Mini as well.

We don’t expect a lot of big physical changes, beyond a new sunset gold color, but we can see a shallower notch on the front as well as a built-in Touch ID – which would be a great workaround for unlocking the phone while wearing a face shield. The best the current alternative also requires having an Apple Watch.


Apple may add a new “sunset gold” color to the iPhone 13 lineup.


The cameras are said to be getting a decent boost as well, especially with a better night mode on the wide-angle lens, and even a much improved zoom system. It would be great, because even the iPhone 12 Pro Max The 2.5x zoom is insignificant compared to the zoom skills of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Video, still a highlight of the iPhone camera, could benefit from improvements such as Better quality ProRes recording for video, this sophisticated portrait mode background blur and a new set of filters designed to enhance the appearance of colors. In fact, camera upgrades can probably be the biggest changes we see on the phone, which as a photographer suits me.

Otherwise, the iPhone 13, along with many other phones Apple released in recent years, will receive iOS 15 when its final edition becomes available without requiring the beta.


An alleged render of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra shows that the phone packs a larger 200-megapixel camera.

Technizo Concept in collaboration with LetsGoDigital

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is not expected until next year, historically around February or March. There aren’t a ton of rumors about the next generation of the phone, and much of the Samsung rumor mill has focused on the just confirmed. Galaxy z fold 3 and Galaxy z flip 3 foldable phones. But there are at least a few renderings that are supposed to show some big changes to Samsung’s high-end phone.

Like the iPhone, it looks like the S22’s upgrades could be more camera-focused, with teases from Samsung’s own social accounts hinting at a massive 200-megapixel image sensor. This would be the highest resolution we’ve seen on a phone so far and will likely go a long way in improving the quality of those huge 30x and 100x zoom images that you can take on the stream. Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Speaking of zoom, the S22 Ultra would also have continuous optical zoom, rather than 3x or 10x static optical zooms to switch between the two.

Beyond the camera, we don’t expect any major design upgrades or feature changes. We’re confident that there will be a lineup of handsets in the Galaxy S22 lineup, but the Ultra model would be the primary one to get the biggest camera upgrade.



Google pixel 6

from google Pixel 6 The line was revealed early this month, confirming an all-new design that features a camera bar along the back. Breaking with its tradition of making a base and XL model, the Pixel 6 will be joined by the Pixel 6 Pro – the latter including a telephoto lens.

The Pixel 6 has its own major camera improvements, including a better image sensor that can capture 150% more light. More light often means better photos, especially in low light situations. The Pro model is also confirmed to include a 4x optical zoom.

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Three reasons I’m excited about the Google Pixel 6


But one of the biggest changes is that Google will be using its own bespoke Tensor system-on-a-chip, rather than using one from Qualcomm like on previous handsets. Google presented a number of demos to members of the press to demonstrate the prowess of the Tensor, which includes voice recognition, live translation, and photographic enhancements. These demos include the phone simultaneously using Live Caption and Interpreter modes to quickly transcribe a French presentation into English, and a photo demo that combines multiple photos to create a clearer image of a fast moving subject (a toddler).

The Pixel 6 will also be among the first phones running the latest Android 12, which on Google phones will include the ability to create a full interface theme based on the dominant colors of the image you choose for your wallpaper. This customization will extend to a new design language in Android 12 that Google calls Material You.


A teaser accidentally posted to Samsung’s Instagram account potentially shows the upcoming S21 FE.


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

While we certainly look forward to next year’s Galaxy S22 line-up, there will likely still be one addition to the Galaxy S21 line-up to look forward to. We are waiting for a sequel to the Galaxy S20 FE, the low-cost “Fan Edition” phone that included many of the best features of the Galaxy S20. This sequel, which we presume will be called the Galaxy S21 FE, could arrive this fall as a cheaper alternative to high-end phones that are expected to hit the market at the same time.

The Galaxy S20 FE was such a great deal last year that I named it a ‘mid-range phone to beat’ and awarded it a CNET Editors’ Choice Award.

Some leaked specs for the supposed sequel point to a 6.4-inch display, a triple rear camera with improved 32-megapixel main camera resolution, fast charging, and an in-display fingerprint scanner. There are no specific rumors about the price of the phone just yet, but the Galaxy S20 FE cost $ 699 in the US, which is $ 300 less than the base Galaxy S20. This year’s Galaxy S21 had a lower starting price of $ 799, but we’re hoping Samsung can find a way to cut at least around $ 100 for the next Fan Edition.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The first-generation Surface Duo was interesting, but disappointing.

Richard Peterson / CNET

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is an original dual-screen device that CNET’s Scott Stein found a bit hit and miss. Interesting hardware, but clunky software and a lack of apps that can take advantage of dual displays mean it hasn’t exactly taken the mobile world by storm after its debut last year.

So what can we expect from its replacement? pretended Surface Duo 2 leaks point to a triple rear camera setup and higher end internal specs, including 5G connectivity. Improved photography and data speeds could go some way towards offsetting the issues with this first edition of the dual-screen device, but Microsoft will also need to step up software support to better take advantage of the unique design of the device. telephone.

Still, Microsoft’s Surface Duo offers a different idea in the growing foldable phone space, following Samsung’s new Z Fold 3 and the efforts of Motorola’s Razr range. Hopefully in the coming months we can get an official glimpse of where this line is heading.


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