10 Most Respected Students Not in Class 1-A

my hero academia is a hit shonen anime that mixes the superhero action genre with the high school genre, which means most of the main characters are college students who are also superheroes-in-training. Instead of regular high schools, Izuku and his peers attend elite hero schools such as UA and Shiketsu, where they get the chance to really shine.

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Particularly gifted or successful students are often recognized for their abilities, earning praise from their teachers, professional heroes, and classmates. By now, a handful of hero students have built serious reputations, though not all of them come from the prestigious Class 1-A. Many students in other departments and schools command a lot of respect.

ten Mirio Togata is a legend in the making

mirio mha

Mirio Togata calls himself Lemillion because he plans to save a million lives as a professional hero. He is known for many things, from his outgoing and sunny disposition to his remarkable Permeation Quirk which allows him to pass through solid matter at will, not to mention his formidable melee skills.

Mirio is a star at UA, and everyone deeply respects him and his abilities, especially Tamaki Amajiki, who is in awe of him. Mirio also made a strong impression on Class 1-A during their combat sim, and no doubt commands the respect of most professional heroes as well.

9 Nejire Hado is also well regarded

Nejire Hado of the “Big Three” may act clumsily in everyday life, but his heroic skills are no joke. She earned her place among the Big Three students thanks to her extensive combat experience and her powerful Quirk Shockwave, which converts her life energy into spiral-shaped energy emissions in battle.

Nejire can easily move around and stun enemies with this Quirk, and she’s also clearly Ryukyu’s favorite trainee. Ryukyu, as a top 10 pro hero, isn’t easy to please, but she has a high opinion of Nejire, which is saying a lot.

8 Class 1-A respects what Mei Hatsume can do

My Hero Academia: Has Hatsume Mei become the best girl?

Mei Hatsume prefers to draw a plan rather than throw a punch, and Class 1-A and 1-B are better off for this. Mei belongs to the UA Support Department, where she puts her talents to good use, designing and creating gadgets to aid her comrades in battle. Izuku is one of his best customers, in fact.

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Even though Mei makes an awkward first impression, her skills speak for themselves, and everyone greatly respects and admires what Mei can do in her workshop. Even All Might himself can try out Mei’s gadgets, though he’s not an easy customer to please.

seven Bibimi Kenranzaki is skilled and beautiful

Anime My Hero Academia Bibimi Kenranzaki Senior Student Hero Lavish

Mei isn’t the only known student studying in the support department. Much later, the my hero academia also featured the eccentric but likeable Bibimi Kenranzaki, both a mechanic and avid beauty queen. She clearly puts a lot of effort into her appearance as well as her studies, and it’s worth it.

Bibimi has already won two beauty pageants at the UA school festival, and she planned to win the next one, until Nejire Hado won instead. Bibimi had a lot of enthusiastic supporters and admirers, but despite all this, Bibimi was gracious and humble enough to congratulate Nejire on her victory.

6 Hitoshi Shinso is a rising star

Hitoshi Shinso, my hero academia

At first, gen-ed student Hitoshi Shinso was bitter about the students of Class 1-A and 1-B, as they could put their Quirks to good use and become respected heroes for it. He also participated in the UA Sports Festival and lost to Izuku Midoriya. But that was not the end of his story.

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Hitoshi returned better than ever in the Joint Training story arc, and by then he had become Shota Aizawa’s protege with the skills to show for it. He did well in two different battles, and Izuku, Ochaco, and the others thought highly of him after seeing what he could do. Finally, he gained some recognition as a hero.

5 Saiko Intelli is like a heroine princess

My Hero Academia Review

Saiko Intelli did not appear in the original my hero academia manga, but she was in the anime as a Seiai student, and it became clear right away that her classmates thought highly of her. Saiko and her handful of classmates participated in the provisional license exam, and Saiko set an elaborate trap for Momo Yaoyorozu’s team.

Saiko easily commanded the respect of all her classmates, who relied on her without question. No doubt this fuels Saiko’s himedere personality and empowers her in battle, though she ultimately lost to Momo’s team.

4 Yo Shindo may be Ms. Joke’s best student

Yo Shindo is one of the few known students of Ketsbutsu Hero School, where laughter heroine Ms. Joke works as a teacher. Yo is a very capable student, having tremendous Quirk, strong tactical skills, a great attitude, and a cool costume as well.

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It soon became apparent that Yo’s classmates thought highly of him during the Provisional Hero Exam, with his classmates willingly following his example and coordinating their efforts with their powerful classmate during a battle. total against Class 1-A. No doubt Mrs. Joke is very proud of him.

3 Nagamasa Mora is respected by his teachers

nagamasa mora

Nagamasa Mora is one of four known students at the elite school Shiketsu, a sworn rival of UA. Unlike his uptight classmate Seiji, however, Nagamasa has a warm and friendly attitude towards the students of the UA. UA, and he seems interested in building bridges with them. He is also a natural leader, a fact his teachers took note of.

Nagamasa commands the respect of his classmates and teachers, to the point where his teachers have appointed him as their class representative. He also made a good impression on Izuku, who had a quick and friendly chat with him after the exam was over.

2 Itsuka Kendo is the big sister type

Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo is the class representative of Class 1-B, making her the Tenya Iida of her class. Like Tenya, Itsuka is a rather stern and serious student, but she is also kind and watches over her classmates. She is also friendly with Class 1-B, which Neito Monoma disapproves of.

Itsuka easily commands the respect of all of his classmates with his quick wit, formidable melee skills, and mature attitude as a born leader. She also commands respect in Class 1-A, especially from Momo Yaoyorozu, who actually lost to her in the joint training exercise.

1 Setsuna Tokage is another Class 1-B star

tokage setsuna

Setsuna Tokage served as the team leader during the joint training battle, and his classmates followed his lead in the battle against Katsuki Bakugo’s own team. Most notably, Setsuna entered UA through recommendations, and her classmates all respect her for it, including Neito Monoma, who is not easy to please.

Setsuna rarely steals the show, but she’s still a very capable and well-liked heroine who’s likely to graduate from UA one day and turn professional. She is also smart enough to learn from her defeats and learn from them, mainly the one where she lost to Bakugo’s team.

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